Cohorts for Spiritual Formation

Online cohorts have emerged in the last few years as a helpful means to pursue personal growth and develop like-minded friendships.

I have benefited myself from learning within a handful of online cohorts. As part of my spiritual direction practice, I'm excited to offer a similar experience for you through topics I am passionate about.

I’ve gotten something helpful out of every meeting we’ve had and [they] have been really great. They have been a huge answer to prayer and a catalyst for growth in the spiritual season that I am in. Thank you!!

-- DS

pen on book

Practicing Examen

Currently Taking Early Registration for Fall 2023

A 3-month cohort to learn how to pray the examen --  a simple daily prayer for growing our awareness of God and the maturity of our souls. Offered as a cohort to form new friendships and a more personal daily experience of Jesus.

Practicing Sabbath

Currently Gathering Interest for Fall 2023

A 3-month cohort to discover and develop a practice of Sabbath --  a day of rest for physical, emotional and spiritual health. Offered as a cohort to form new friendships and a more personal daily experience of Jesus.


Other Cohort Offerings

In addition to the currently offered cohort(s) above, other cohorts are being considered or in development. If you are interested in future cohorts, sign up for the email list below to be notified of updates, or contact me if you have specific questions or feedback about any of these.

  • Practicing Centering Prayer
  • Making the Most of a Sabbatical
  • Sermon Prep as a Spiritual Practice
  • Discerning Vocation
  • Crafting a Rule of Life
  • Wandering in the Wilderness

John Chandler's cohorts are a helpful means to explore ancient rhythms and spiritual practices to nourish our souls for today. If you are seeking practical guidance to connect with God in the context of a friendly online community, look no further - this is the one!

-- John Carroll,  Director of Dallas Willard Ministries School of Kingdom Living