Practicing Centering Prayer

A shared journey to discover God's work in our lives.

Centering Prayer is a daily practice that invites us into a more contemplative way of following Jesus.

In this 4 month cohort, we will meet every 3 weeks to learn how to practice centering prayer. We will explore this prayer together through the writings of wise guides and the experiences of one another. Our hope is that we will come away with new friendships and a more personal daily experience of Jesus.

In this prayer God is speaking not to your ears, to your emotions, to your head, or even to your heart, but to your spirit, to your inmost being.
-- Father Thomas Keating in Open Mind, Open Heart

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Cohort Schedule

I am currently gathering interest for this cohort, and will schedule a new session when there are enough people interested. Please use the form below to indicate your interest.

The next session of this cohort will meet every three weeks over the course of four months. Each meeting will include a time for teaching about centering prayer, alongside a time of shared practice and reflection about our experiences. Specific times and days are arranged based on the availability of all participants.


John Chandler's cohorts are a helpful means to explore ancient rhythms and spiritual practices to nourish our souls for today. If you are seeking practical guidance to connect with God in the context of a friendly online community, look no further - this is the one!

-- John Carroll,  Director of Dallas Willard Ministries School of Kingdom Living


Please use this form to pre-register for the next cohort. Once there is enough interest, I will do my best to find a time that will accommodate all participants based on availability.

Payment is not required at this time, but will be due after a workable schedule is confirmed, and before our first meeting together.

If you aren't yet ready to pre-register, please join the email list below for further updates.

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