Practicing Examen

A shared journey to discover God's work in our lives.

Examen is a simple daily prayer for growing our awareness of God and the maturity of our souls.

In this 3 month cohort, we will meet bi-weekly to learn how to pray the examen. We will explore this prayer together through the writings of wise guides and the experiences of one another. Our hope is that we will come away with new friendships and a more personal daily experience of Jesus.

Most of us learn to discern God’s presence by first looking for it in the rear view mirror. That is the value of a prayerful review of the day—something I have elsewhere described as the daily examen.
-- David Benner

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Cohort Schedule

This cohort meets every other week over the course of three months — specific times and days are arranged based on the availability of all participants.

The fall 2022 cohort is currently in progress, and a new cohort will begin in early 2023. Sign up for the email list below to receive updates when dates and registration for the next cohort are announced.

Over time, the examen can help us notice areas of strength and vulnerability and identify patterns in our responses which might need our attention, such as a tendency to avoid conflict or to keep silent instead of speaking out about something important.
-- Sue Pickering