Consortio Dei Podcast

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

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28: Matt Erickson

Matt Erickson is the Senior Pastor of Eastbrook Church, a multi-ethnic church on the north side of Milwaukee, where he has served since 2010. Matt has served as a worship pastor, pastor with university students, and a church planter. Matt helped found The Milwaukee Declaration, an organization convening pastors and churches around Milwaukee to work together across racial divides. Matt is married to Kelly, who is a spiritual director operating her own private practice, Hills and Valleys, and they are blessed with three amazing sons in college and beyond. Matt writes about life with God and pastoral ministry in various places, including Preaching Today, Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care, Christianity Today, The Living Church, and Relevant, and is currently working on a full-length book with Eerdmans Publishers. You can find out more at Matt’s blog:

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