Consortio Dei Podcast

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

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27: Marilyn Vancil

Marilyn Vancil has been passionate about the Enneagram personality model and its value in Christian spiritual transformation for over thirty years. She’s now even more passionate about helping people listen to God, experience inner soul restoration, and enjoy a life of freedom and fullness as their true, God-gifted self.

She earned her certification as an Enneagram Professional in the Narrative Tradition through Enneagram Worldwide, and has also taken courses on the Enneagram at Loyola University and the Deep Coaching Institute.

She completed my spiritual director training through SoulStream and her coaching instruction through Coach Training Alliance. She is a member of ESDA, an organization that supports the work of spiritual direction with a Jesus-centered focus.

She enjoys life near Spokane, WA with her husband, Jeff and their beloved dog, Scout. Their four children, their spouses, and eleven precious grandchildren live nearby, and they continuously bring her unlimited delight!

The Consortio Dei podcast is hosted by John Chandler as a companion to my spiritual direction practice. I offer individual direction as well as spiritual formation cohorts. Please get in touch if you are considering spiritual direction or would like to learn more about other growth opportunities.