Consortio Dei Podcast

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

AJ Sherrill

12: AJ Sherrill

Serving as Lead Pastor for over two decades in churches across the country from Southern California to New York City, AJ Sherrill is thrilled to be pastoring Saint Peters Church in Mount Pleasant, SC. Having earned several Masters degrees in theology and a Doctorate in the area of spiritual formation, I teach courses on preaching and also the Enneagram at Fuller Theological Seminary, as well as workshops on spiritual formation and personality theory. Most importantly, I am a disciple of Jesus, husband to Elaina, and father to Eloise. Least importantly, I am an unfortunate Michigan fan, thus winning seldom, but often gaining humility.

Books Authored —

Being With God: The Absurdity, Necessity and Neurology of Contemplative Prayer,

The Enneagram For Spiritual Formation: How Knowing Ourselves Can Make Us More Like Jesus,

Expansive: Stretching Beyond Superficial Christianity

The Consortio Dei podcast is hosted by John Chandler as a companion to my spiritual direction practice. I offer individual direction as well as spiritual formation cohorts. Please get in touch if you are considering spiritual direction or would like to learn more about other growth opportunities.