Consortio Dei Podcast

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

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20: Bobbie Schae

Bobbie Schaeperkoetter is the Online Campus Coordinator at Capital City Christian Church in Jefferson City, MO where she also serves in the areas of Spiritual Formation, Discipleship, and Women’s Ministry. Bobbie is also the President of INSPIRE, a city wide multi denominational non-profit women’s ministry.

Bobbie is a Spiritual Director and has a Masters in Ministry Leadership from Central Christian College of the Bible and is currently pursuing her Doctor of Ministry degree at Biola University.

Bobbie has a passion for helping people learn what it truly looks like to be a disciple of Jesus in their everyday lives.

The Consortio Dei podcast is hosted by John Chandler as a companion to my spiritual direction practice. I offer individual direction as well as spiritual formation cohorts. Please get in touch if you are considering spiritual direction or would like to learn more about other growth opportunities.