Consortio Dei Podcast

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

A Podcast about Partnering with God to do Sacred Work

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15: Dan Henry

Trained at Sustainable Faith’s School of Spiritual Direction in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dan Henry has been offering spiritual direction to groups and individuals since 2010. He has been an instructor for the school since early 2015. In January of 2016 he left his full-time pastoral role at Vineyard Cincinnati after 14 years, and now devotes himself exclusively to the work of spiritual direction leading retreats, and training spiritual directors.

Dan has special passion for accompanying pastors and other ministers through the difficulties that are particular to their kinds of work. He also loves working with those who find themselves on a journey of spiritual deconstruction/reconstruction.

Born in Hawaii, Dan grew up in a military family, so he lived in several different states. Five different Elementary Schools, two Middle Schools and three High Schools taught him the value of adaptability (among other things). . He eventually followed his sweetheart, Tracey, from Oregon to Southern California where they married in 1975. Career-wise, Dan traversed both the Tech and Church worlds as: worship leader, pastor, internet engineer, internet architect—always helping connect people with “something bigger.” With Tracey, he now celebrates having raised three beloved children, two of whom have increased the Henry tribe by marrying amazing spouses. To quote Dan, “It’s a wonderful life!”

The Consortio Dei podcast is hosted by John Chandler as a companion to my spiritual direction practice. I offer individual direction as well as spiritual formation cohorts. Please get in touch if you are considering spiritual direction or would like to learn more about other growth opportunities.